Jo Yanow-Schwartz

Certified Fitness Trainer

Your tailor-made program:

We start with a (free) assessment of needs and goals.

In work-outs, we integrate compound movements  involving  more than one muscle group  and joints — which will also help you lift groceries or your new grandson.  We do core work.  Exercise is with free  weights or  machines or bands or just your body weight. Your program will fit your budget and schedule.  We talk to your physical therapist and obtain clearance from your doctor, when indicated. If post-surgical issues are involved, we consult with the appropriate professionals.

  • Goals are important and we help you stay on target with your schedule and ideas about a  weight loss program.

  • We help you make the mind-body connection.

  • We keep you motivated. 

“I was driving on my rural mountain road, and a car was backing up. In front of her a tree was lying across the road. It was only about 4” in diameter, so I stopped the car and got out. I grabbed hold of one end of it and pivoted it so it was lying parallel to the road instead. I don’t know if I could have done that last year. Thanks, Jo, for the new muscles!

“As a skilled and caring trainer who pays attention to your whole body, she encourages constant communication. We talk about goals and current conditions. She will push you to find your limits, but doesn’t want you to get hurt achieving them. She is curious and fun to work out with!”     Alisa B.,  Shokan